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* Anticipated Graduation 2023
Sam Carner, Marlo Hunter, Aaron Galligan-Sterile, Heath Saunders,

Anna K. Jacobs, Adam Gwon, Kevin Hammonds, Kate Wetherheadm,

Emily Maltby, Brad Haak, & Julia McBride.



BFA Acting/Directing - BFA Stage Management - Minor in Dance

Directing/Acting - Deborah Mogford, Jeff Hendry

Dance - Amy Wright, Lindsay Hawkins, Mitchell Stolberg, Penna Broman

Music - Timm Adams

Stage Management - Angelo O'Dierno, Beth Drog

About Ben

Quick Info

Height: 6 foot, 1 inch

Weight: 190lbs

Age: 23 years old

Voice Type: Baritone

Vocal Range: G2-Ab4


Crimes of the Heart

Barnette Lloyd

Midwestern at heart, Ben is a theatre enthusiast originally from Davenport, Iowa. At Rockford University, Ben received a double major in BFA Acting/Directing (with his emphasis in Directing) and BFA Stage Management. He is a minor in Dance with an emphasis in choreography. He currently attends the Creators Program at the Institute For American Musical Theatre in Washington Heights, New York, where he collaborates with other theatre writers to develop new works for the stage.

Ben's passion for Directing started with, THE GIVER, at Davenport Central High School. Ben's passion for directing has since flourished as he looks for work that pushes the boundaries of theatre, and inspire audiences in an innovative way. Some of Ben's favorite pieces he has directed include: BIG FISH, GOD OF CARNAGE, THE LARAMIE PROJECT, and SEX ED: THE MUSICAL. When not directing, Ben spends his time studying performance and dance. He is inspired by the work of Jerome Robbins, Michael Kidd, and David Suchet. Ben has choreographed musical theatre and dance concert as well as taught dance (ballet, jazz, modern, MT) to ages 4-18. 

Also passionate about stage managing, Ben placed 2nd in the Iowa State stage management competition two years in a row, pushing him to stage manage for local equity and non equity theatres. He loves combining his organization and thoughtfulness with his ability to bring together a team.

Ben has dabbled in various fields of theatre to become even more well-rounded. (I.e. Lighting, Sound, Music, Costume Construction, Props, Rigging, etc.) 

When not working creatively, his interests include: eating chinese food, working with children, reading play scripts, drinking coffee, and watching Shonda Rhimes' Shows. Whatever he is doing, he is very eager to learn, educate, and entertain.

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