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Stage Director

Ben has been directing theatre since he started working in this art form. His first production was THE GIVER, which earned him a spot as Assistant Director on the high school's MainStage, A RAISIN IN THE SUN. 

He graduated with a BFA in Directing from Rockford University. He has studied directing through all of his professors, and head of the Acting and Directing Program Deborah Mogford. 

One of Ben's favorite projects was Carner & Gregor's TECHIES, which was written and work shopped at Rockford University. Ben directed and choreographed this first workshop version, and absolutely loved developing a new work. He followed Mr. Sam Carner to the IAMT Creators Program where he directs new works everyday!

Since his first shows, he has not stopped working on projects which challenge him in different ways. He strives to find work that not only tells a beautiful story, is entertaining, and impacts the community, but also impacts the lives of the performers and himself. He enjoys directing/assistant directing every type of show, from very large scale productions, to intimate and beautiful works.


'God of Carnage'

Maddox Theatre, March 2019

Greta and The Empty Heart

September 17-19, 2021 - Theater TBA

Fantasy Musical - New Work by Lillia Woodbury

*Coming Soon*

Big Fish: The Musical

March 25-April 5 2020 - Stage Coach Players

Comedy - Musical - Large Cast

*Cancelled 2 weeks before opening due to COVID-19*

One of Ben's favorite musicals, which tells the tales of Edward Bloom on his life's journey from small town hero to wise dying father. Though Edward's tales seem tall and outlandish, his heart is based truth. We follow his son Will as he tries to understand his father's past before his father passes away from cancer. Based on the Daniel Wallace novel and Tim Burton film.

Ben Greiner - Directing Reel

'God of Carnage' & 'Gidion's Knot', MORE TO COME!

Techies: A New Musical
The Laramie Project

November 1-2, 2019 - Maddox Theater

Drama - Straight Play - Ensemble Narrative Biography

This beautiful story of Matthew Sheppard will be told through Rockford, Illinois citizens. This is Ben's Senior Project, for which he took everything he learned throughout his time at Rockford University to design all technical aspects, stage direct, market, and grow this project from auditions through performance. This project is near to Ben's heart, as he has studied Matthew's case for years, and was entirely grown through him only.

February 21-23, 2019 - Maddox Theater

Comedy - Musical - Large Cast

Composers Sam Carner & Derek Gregor's new piece was entirely written and designed around musical theatre students at Rockford University. Ben had the absolute pleasure getting to work with them as director and choreographer on the development of the first stage adaptation/reading of the work at RU, which then was transformed into a cabaret at 'The Duplex' in New York City. The musicals is a comedy about the technical and actor students' feud at West Side High. The musical hits on everything, from large scale production numbers, to ballads, and even the much needed 'mob song'! It was educational for Ben, getting to develop his own ideas with a piece that was still being written.

God of Carnage

March 4th, 2019 - Maddox Theater

Comedy - Straight Play - Small Cast

This hilarious one-act play was deigned, directed, and produced by Ben in the spring of 2019. The story of the gritty, down-to earth Raleighs and the uptight politically correct Novaks, was a joy to direct. It was challenge to get on its feet with only 8 rehearsals (4 of which, actually had a full cast!).

Gidion's Knot
Madagascar: A Musical Adventure

July 10-14, 28 & Aug. 7, 9-11, 2018 - Timber Lake Playhouse

Comedy - Musical - Theater for Young Audiences

This TYA Musical, which centers around the best friend duo of Alex the Lion and Marty, his Zebra pal, was a blast to direct. Ben got to work with a design team, and very talented actor apprentice cast to put together a light-hearted and well-known story that entertain hundreds of children every performance!

A Doll's House

October, 2018

Heavy Drama - Straight Play - Small Cast

Ben absolutely love this psychological and heavy play. This show was tough to decipher, and he would love to work on a show like it again. He directed a portion of it for a class and won an award for it through his theater department.

November, 2018

Classical - Straight Play - Small Cast

Ben had the pleasure to work on such a brilliant and influential play. He directed a portion of it for a class and had the opportunity to help train your actors in the art of restoration.

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