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Richard III

George, Duke of Clarence

Ben Greiner

Acting Reel

Though he loves spending time on the creative team, Ben has spent most of his time performing! He enjoys playing a range of characters that challenge him internally, and entertain the audience. In addition to dance, Ben studied acting and voice at Rockford University for 4 years under the direction of Deborah Mogford, Jeff Hendry, and Timm Adams.


Acting Training - Deborah Mogford:

Stanford Meisner, Laban Movement, Arthur Lessac, Ten Line, Improvisation, Directing, Shakespeare, Restoration, Absurdism

Vocal Training - Timm Adams:

Contemporary, Pop/Rock, Classical, Golden Age, Choral

Vocal Range: G2-Ab4

Ben Greiner

Vocal Reel

Ben Greiner

Audition Package

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