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Stage Management

Ben has been stage managing for about as long as he has been involved in the arts. He placed 2nd in the State of Iowa for Stage Maangement twice, which led him to the international level. Since then, he has enjoyed stage managing many productions in college. He enjoys the organization, and togetherness he feels when working with outstanding creative and performance teams. He is an excellent problem solver, and loves understanding every aspect of the backstage world, in addition to the on-stage. He enjoys being challenged by shows with different skills required.


Forever Plaid

Rockford University

Carrie: The Musical

October 4-7, 2018

Directed by Jeff Hendry

Rockford University - Maddox Theatre

This classic Stephen King story had many challenges. including the removal of the set designer, and removal and replacement of the projections designer - all within a week before performance week. In addition, the director had a family emergency the week of the show, and had to step a way for a while. The show ran smoothly, and was great, spooky, fun! Complete with a bloody death!

November 16-19, 2017

Directed by Angelo O'Dierno

Rockford University - Cheek Theatre

A trilling story of a novelist and his assistant, was an outstanding experience for Ben. This show was a very fun, high energy play equipped with a multitude of tech elements, fights, and weapons! Of course, it came with some problems, including the director's medical emergency, and the absent sound cues, but was a joy (and fright) to experience!

Online Portfolio Below

(including calling scripts, reports, and important paperwork)

Online Portfolio Below

(including calling scripts, reports, and important paperwork)

Production Photos

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